A Call for the Resignation of Donald J. Trump

We are no longer amused by this tough guy image or a television personality who is capable of bringing out the worse instincts in people. Besides his bad business failures, his claim to fame is firing people off his reality show. Somehow in this country, we cheer for the bad guy, the bully, and the “shoot them up and walk out in a blaze of smoke and destructions” kind of bad guy. If life were based upon television ratings that would work fine for this president. If being mean to people was a criterion that people wanted to see sitting in the highest perch of this land, this president would probably be the best bar none of all the candidates for the job. If having an ego larger than the size of the land space that comprises this nation was an important quality for the leader of the free world then again, we would be in the best hands of all the nations of the world.

Donald J. Trump says, “I alone can fix it.” He says, “I am the chosen one.” He says that he could shoot someone on fifth-avenue and his people would still support him. He denigrates anyone that has anything negative to say about him because of his over-inflated image of himself. Perhaps we could wait out his one-term as our president if people weren’t dying at an ever-increasing and alarming rate. But are we willing to allow our morgues overflow with the bodies of our friends and relatives to finally say, this man is not qualified for the position that he is sitting? Are we willing to allow him to mislead us by constantly telling lie after lie about critical matters that has to deal with life and death situations? This is a person that cares more about the economy and public opinions than life itself. This man has ruined our nation’s reputation worldwide with our more valuable and reliable allies. The world leaders are laughing at him because apparently everyone sees him naked for what he is but himself and his loyal supporters.

I so dislike making very judgmental statements about anyone and certainly not about the one person that is perhaps the most powerful man in the world. However, the fact that my statements are true should be more alarming than the act of stating them. I did not make up his quotes. I did not put words in his mouth that are laced with lies that he spews to the people that he was duly elected to serve. This does not account for how he got elected to the office in the first place using foreign assistance. This is purely based upon the man himself and his character. Does this man portray an image of someone you would want to mentor your children? Would you want this man to be the commander over your armed forces making decisions about war or peace? Do you see the characteristics of godliness or righteousness in this person? Since he claims to be a Christian do you see the image of Christ emanating from him? You can tell what kind of tree it is by the fruit it produces. Describe the fruit you see coming from this man?

My judgmental comments are not about the office of the president but about the man that is sitting in that office. We all so desperately want to honor and respect the office of our president regardless of partisan affiliation. In a democracy, we should have ample checks and balances to protect the people and even the nation itself so one man does not stand above the law and one man does not have the capability to destroy the entire nation by himself. We have three wings of government that suppose to be our security blanket to protect us from one person that has the power to blow up the house if he doesn’t get his way. Really! Are all these powerful people who have made a life-long career of public service that impotent… the ones who sit in the lower levels of government. Are they just that afraid of this person or are they just that concerned about holding on to the prestigious offices that they have been elected to serve? Is one man that powerful? Are that many elected under-servants that weak? Is this really what we expect of our duly elected public servants… and the American President?

The nation is in the hands of this man. As the most powerful nation in the world that means the world is in the hands of this man. Perhaps I am reading too much into this but the fruit cannot lie. An apple tree can only produce apples. A fig tree can only produce figs. A peach tree can only produce peaches. A lemon tree can only produce lemons. What comes out of a person tells you what is in the person.

If you constantly demonize people who are different from you then it tells us a lot about the nature of your tree. If you constantly divide and tear people apart that tells us something about the nature of your tree. If you order babies to be taken from their parents at the borders that tell us something about your tree. If you refuse to believe in the scientist that tells you we need to protect our planet, that tells us something about your tree. If you think you are smarter than all the generals who are career professionals that tell us something about your tree. If you constantly reward the rich and cause the poor to suffer more that tells us something about your tree. The fact that racist organizations tout you as their leader tells us something about your tree. Why evangelical leaders tout you are their leader baffles me. Perhaps we worship a different God?

I could fill a book about all the things that you do that tells us a lot about your tree. Why do nearly all the professionals you appoint to be your closest advisors leave their prestigious positions? Really, if everyone is wrong but you Mr. President… shouldn’t that tell you something about your ability to lead! Oh, I forgot… you are the chosen one so you alone can fix it. Right!

I suppose I could be wrong about you but more than half the people in this nation have a negative opinion about your presidential qualities. So many no longer trust you because of all the lies that you constantly bombard us with daily. We are tired of the negative theatrics… they are no longer amusing. People are dying! People are afraid and so far you don’t seem to have the words to say to them that will give them any comfort. Your tree does not appear to have that fruit in it.

Because of all the things that I just mentioned and all that I did not mention in the brief essay I personally urge all Americans to ask for your resignation from the office of the President of the United States of America. How many more deaths will it take for you to step aside and allow our smart caring people to step up to the helm and no longer be afraid to offend you even if it means saving lives? Please just resign and take the rest of your days and reflect upon your tree. God can help you if you dare call upon Him. That is between you and your Maker. Since you claim to be the chosen one that means that God knows who you are… but do you know WHO GOD IS? Selah!


Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.

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Greg Middleton

Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.