A Fox in the Henhouse

Greg Middleton
6 min readNov 19, 2020

Most of you city folks might not know this aged-old statement, but it is easy to interpret. People who raise chickens usually build them a place to roost overnight, which is called a henhouse. This is because the dwelling place houses chicken. The henhouse has a door or a gate that keeps the chicken tucked safely inside. It also keeps dangerous predators out.

There are foxes in certain areas of the country that love chickens. They will sneak up on the farm and attempt to get into the henhouse to get some good scrumptious chicken to eat. Now those foxes are smart. What if one would sneak into the henhouse before the chicken return to roost and hide so the chicken does not see him. He could wait until the owner locked the gate with the fox inside. During the middle of the night, the fox could have his fill of chicken. He would have to do very little chasing them because he would be right inside with them and devoir them, hence, fox in the henhouse.

Now with this said, we have locked a fox in the henhouse, or otherwise said, we have locked a dangerous person in the White House. This person, who we call our president, is bent upon devouring as many unsuspecting citizens as he can. Not everyone voted for this fox because they knew that he was a dangerous predator to the people of this country. He never hid the fact that he was a fox so most intelligent people knew that he wasn’t qualified for such a highly moralistic and skilled position. Yet, there were many voters who knew his character. They wanted him to drain the swamp. Well, they got their wish and more.

This man’s motto was to come to Washington and drain out the swamp. He came to Washington as he promised, but instead of draining the swamp, he filled it up to the rim with larger alligators, cockatiels, snakes, sharks, and killer whales… not to forget the leaches that stick on to people sucking the blood out of them. I’m done with the fox analogy.

We have a huge killer shark in the White House, and he will rip you apart if you get in his way. He cares only about himself and will devour even the ones that supported him if they do not show him love and praise him. His supporters know not to say anything that he does not like about him. If they do, they know that he will flex his wrath upon them. He will use his mighty sword to stab them or ax to chop them down.

This man craves power and loves to dominate or overshadow people using his mighty power, just because he can. He is a divider-in-chief. Rather than following the nation’s constitution and working for the good of the people, he would rather divide people into sides so he can pick them off at will. He knows that if he keeps them fighting amongst each other it makes his job easier so all he has to do is sit back and watch them fight amongst each other. The victor gets the spoils. He gives them the crumbs and they are apparently happy to lick up the leftovers. They love to say to him; hail to the king. He loves them back as long as they give him praise. He really doesn’t give a damn about them, but he gives them the impression that he cares. Really! You’d think they see what we see but at this point, they show no sign or that.

Now tell me, what part of this story did I get wrong? Am I defaming the character of the President? Am I not giving you an accurate description of this person? If I missed something, either pro or con, please let me know because I always knew that he was the most dangerous creature in the swamp. We knew that he was not qualified for the job at hand. Even his minions knew that he was not qualified for the job and said so very clearly and animatedly while they were running against him. Now they are quick to carry his water bucket and roll out the red carpet wherever he walks. HAIL TO THE CHIEF! Sycophants!

At what point will decent and intelligent people that make up the members of his party step up to the plate in order to protect the integrity of the nation? A quarter of a million citizens have died already under his watch and that alone does not move the people of his party. His supporters are obviously in denial so no matter what he says, or does, they will continue to support this man. Everything this man does is so wrong! There is no other way to state the obvious. He is a liar, a cheat, a sycophant, an egotistical maniac, a narcissist, a spoiled brat, and a want-to-be king.

There are people of this man’s party in leadership positions that have master’s degrees, doctor’s degrees, esteemed lawyers, clergymen, and others who by appearance seem to be smart people. Yet… they will not raise one finger to stop this predator who is ripping our country apart day-by-day. Wasn’t the act of taking children away from their parents cruel enough? Wasn’t demeaning one of our war heroes despicable enough, especially when he dedicated his life to serving the people of this country through a life of public service. Wasn’t making fun of the handicapped enough? Wasn’t demeaning loyal citizens of color enough? He made no attempt to hide or cover any of what I just mentioned. Wasn’t that enough of a hint of just how dangerous this person in the oval seat is… wasn’t all of that low enough for you? Republican leaders, do you actually have a bottom in mind that will cause you to speak the obvious… not silently complaining among your friends, but boldly yelling out the truth in public?

It is shameful what this man has done to the reputation of our country on a worldwide basis. It is even a sicker notion that grown people in very powerful positions will allow this man to keep on doing what he is doing while knowing full well just how dangerous this man is to everyone. History has already recorded their names along with this sick man in the white house. Some of them even claim to be godly people. You know what God thinks of people who attempt to straddle the fence. God is either for or against. You cannot straddle His fence. You cannot dine with the Divine and devil at the same table.

How long, oh Lord, how long? How long will we have to put up with this fool? Surely your point has been made clear by now. How long will decent people lay down and take what this man is doing? How many more deaths will it take? How many more rules of law will we ignore? Are we willing to throw away all the strides we have gained over the hundreds of years for just this one despicable character? Everybody knows exactly what I am saying, even though they live in denial. The ones that you republican leaders are afraid of more are the ones who blindly support any and all devious acts this man will do. There are no limits! There is no bottom! How long, oh Lord, how long! How long will decent people put up with a devious demonic power?



Greg Middleton

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