God Is Truly Amazing

I find it interesting that not everyone recognizes just how truly amazing our God really IS. The only explanation is because there is something that blocks the human mind from recognizing that it only exists because of the same God that allows it to think. It is almost like fish do not realize there are in water because that is the only existence they have ever known. I suppose if they could communicate with us they would wonder how we exist up there out of the water? Unlike aquatic marine life we can’t stay underwater for an extended period of time without a breathing apparatus.

When you think about it all this is the work of God’s hands. One only lives in water, another only live out of the water, some are rooted to the soil, some find more comfort up in the skies, some thrive better in the wide-open prairie while others feel safe tucked away in a cocoon. Some leave the comfort of a cocoon, sprout wings and live a totally different life from where and how they started and that too was the work of the same God. In so many ways we see just how truly amazing our God IS by the works of His hands. Again the mind cannot fully accept this as fact because it only exists because the same God grants its existence. Oddly when God says it is over the same mind will no longer be in existence and sadly it wouldn’t have had a chance to know its Maker without faith.

The flesh can only know what is flesh while spirit knows what is spirit. In the same way, a fish knows water, flesh knows things that are physical. Our capacity to know things come through a function of our minds but the mind cannot exist without a physical body. What many do not realize is that they exist in duality; they have a physical body with an indwelling spirit. God did this also but until you recognize His sovereignty you will not be able to appreciate His totality. To understand this let’s go backward before anything existed and you might develop a clearer picture.

In the beginning, there was no physicality. Nothing that became formed existed until that which has no form commanded that it manifest… and then it became just as the Creator commanded. You and I existed then only in an unformed spirit. We were something that would eventually come into being but our essence had not yet taken form because our Creator has not yet commanded it to become. So before the world of form existed there was the realm of spirit… before there was a spiritual abode there was only ONE, which was the ALL, contained in ONE SINGULARITY.

GOD existed alone pregnant with all that would ever become as the ALPHA and the OMEGA. There was no form and no time. That which was before time was not relevant because without form there is nothing to cause the passage of anything. Time only started when the ONE created something physical or the world of form. Before that, He created the heavenly abode and all its inhabitants that existed as spirit beings separate from the ONE, in likeness but separate from their MAKER.

We existed then but not yet manifested into being like all else that came into being or would ever become. Because of our Maker’s omnipotence, He IS the beginning and the end so what was to become was already but not yet brought into being. Many will not follow this but for those that can; it will show just how truly amazing God IS. However, you cannot even know God until He invites you or draws you near His presence. Some are allowed to dream or speculate but that pathway only goes so far and you would run into a block. The Gatekeeper stands guard over the ALL… to each of their own unfolding.

When I started writing this essay I had no idea where Spirit would take this but I suppose you can’t know how truly amazing God is without understanding just how unknowable God truly IS. Trying to grasp existence before time or to take a peek beyond the veil is not possible unless the ONE wants you to see something and still that would only be the minutest portion of the ALL. The human mind cannot fully grasp infinity, eternity, or Omnipotence because you cannot fit ALL in a fraction of the ALL. We fit into God but the totality of God cannot fit into our minds. I know this is confusing but logically it rings truth. Now hopefully we can come back down to ground level.

Scripture tells us that no human eye has seen, or ear has not heard nor minds conceive of what God has in store for those who love Him. That means to our minds God is essentially unknowable in His totality, but He delights in drawing us near sprinkling His endless love upon us. All are His creations yet not all are accepted as His affectionate children… not because of Him but because they choose Him not. Having seen their end He knows their fate yet He still watches, as would any parent. Not all children possess the same character yet the parent still loves them because they belong to them. Our God is a very gracious and compassionate God who is slow to anger and abounding in love in spite of His infinite power and ability to eradicate anything out of existence if He so chose… yet we are still here with an open invitation to come into the fold.

We are like clay in the Potter’s hands… hands that will shape us into the perfection that He created in us dare we choose. He is our Gardener and we are in His garden so any branches that do not produce His fruit we wittingly allow Him to prune our unproductive branches so the new ones are allowed to thrive and produce in abundance. Not my will but Thy will O Lord. God doesn’t force us to love Him but until you willingly surrender your all to Him you cannot reap that which He has prepared for you. Therefore, let go and let God! Leap into His loving caress and feel the love… shout with joy and know that we have an Amazing God and loving Father… God is truly AMAZING… Selah!


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Greg Middleton

Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.