How God Communicates With Us

Greg Middleton
8 min readDec 9, 2020

There is a closeness that is available to the ones who so dearly want to have a very intimate relationship with Almighty God. It only takes the desire emanating from your heart. God reads it and will come to you. Christ said, I stand outside your door and knock. Here is the entire passage as written in the book of Revelation: 3: 20–22:

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on His throne. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Now, why would the Spirit of our Lord make such a statement if it were not true and available to all those that seek Him in earnest from the depth of their hearts? He says this because it is a promise made by God to mankind. The issue is, can we get our hearts to the point where it draws the living Spirit of God to us?

I have been serious about my relationship with God for quite a few years now. I know that I am serious about finding God. But, I did not know how to get myself in the correct position in order to receive the invitation to dine with Christ as He mentions in this scripture. It is almost like a piece of fruit on the vine has to ripen to just the right degree where is it most eatable. When our hearts are in the right position then the doors will open. It is not opened by our might or by just wishful thinking. It has to genuinely come from the heart and only God knows when it is just right.

Likewise, Christ tells us so many other things that are possible for us but unless you completely believe it to be true with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind; it is not revealed unto you. He says, seek and you shall find, ask and it will be answered; knock and the doors will be opened to you. He also says that if you had the faith of a tiny mustard seed you could tell a mountain to leap into the sea and it would. Do you suppose He was speaking hypothetically or was He revealing to us the power that God placed in us once we align with Almighty God?

All the things I just quoted from the scriptures as spoken by Christ are possibilities, but we have a hard time trying to place ourselves in the position required in order for them to become manifest. Obviously, it requires much more than we have currently given otherwise those doors would be opened by now. What I am beginning to understand is that once you actually align yourself properly with God… things began to uncover. But, you are not the one in control of the happening. Your job is to completely humble yourself to the power that is God and He will do what is possible. Remember, what is impossible with us is possible with God. That is one of the keys to successfully aligning with God. It is His power and His might that is used and not yours.

For obvious reasons, God will not open His sacred doors to those who are not pure in heart. That would be a challenge for each of us. This does not mean that God will not reveal much more than we could imagine being possible once He sees the right stuff in you. Pure in heart is such a high mark to reach. Only a few can even come close to such a high standard. We know about a few who have made it to that status such as King David, a man of God’s own heart. David was privileged to have reached a certain status. We also know that King David was not a perfect human being. Most certainly he was not pure in heart. He actually sinned greatly when he had the episode with Bathsheba and committed the murder of her husband Uriah in the Book of 2 Samuel 11: 1–27. David was not a man pure of heart. So why was King David allowed to reach such a status with God? Obviously, it was God’s decision and not something that David earned. God’s plan went through David so therefore he became an essential pond of God’s plan in spite of King David’s willful sin.

Much of what we know about what is possible with God comes from our study of the Holy Scriptures. God intentionally stored this knowledge there for anyone who wants to seek and find it. What I find most challenging is learning how to properly align our soul, spirit, mind, and body with the Holy Spirit. That is what is impossible for us but entirely possible with God. The bridge is not made by us but by God. We have to humble ourselves and totally submit to the will of God and then do nothing… we merely allow God to do what God decides to do, or not!

Another part of the equation is having the faith of a mustard seed that opens the possibilities. Though we think our faith might be relatively strong, even at our best it is not even the faith of a mustard seed. It is diluted and not pure. If it were pure all else would be possible but again, our faith controls our belief. James, the brother of Jesus said that we must believe and not doubt because if do we it is like a wave of the sea being tossed and turned in all directions, not worthy of anything, certainly not of God. That appears to be such a high standard to reach but again, it is not achieved by our might or our willpower. It can only be achieved by total willful surrender to Almighty God and then do nothing. We always want to do something to make something happen and that is where we go wrong. Only God can open His doors… we do not have that privilege or right.

I can only share with you what I experience but I cannot open your mind and pour my experiences into you, not in a way that opens any of God’s doors for you. Only the Father… from the Maker to the made… is that possible. No one can ride on the back of another in order to enter God’s kingdom. What God shares with one soul is between Him and that soul. It cannot be transferred by another, save Christ.

Even the means by which God communicates with us is very intimate and unique from Spirit to spirit. Usually, you are in the middle of something that you do not even recognize as the presence of God… not until God opens your eyes and allows you to see a glimpse. If you are not in the right mindset or right position in your heart you will not see, nor sense what God is always revealing. Like the sun is always shining somewhere, God is there all the time. We are not in the position to see Him even though He is always there. That is on us. When our hearts are in the right position, we attract the Spirit. When we are in our sinful state God cannot be around sin. That is another hurdle that blocks us from achieving what is possible with God.

Before closing this essay, I wanted to speak a little about how we communicate with God and how He comminates back with us. We know that we reach out to Him through prayer and meditation. Our desires, thoughts, petitions, and request goes from our hearts into the realm of God. He says His ears are attentive to this place. 2 Chronicles 7: 15: “Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to this place.” We know that God’s eyes and ears are used metaphorically in this passage because God is Spirit, so the passage was written in a way for us to understand the message. In essence, God is always watching and listening for petitions coming from us.

That is how we speak with God but how He speaks back with us is the challenge for us. God speaks with us all the time but unless we are tuned to His frequency, we probably do not perceive what is being communicated. Although God can use any means He wants to speak with us, our hearts must be tuned to receive what is communicated. Like radio stations send out specific radio transmissions on a particular frequency that we are able to access once we tune to that frequency, we likewise need to tune to God’s frequency in order to perceive Him. Hint, it is not always or even rarely in our native tongue.

God often communicates through visions, revelations, dreams, or just through our thoughts. It is easier for us to receive during the dream state because our minds tend to get out of the way clearing a passageway for receiving. God could even communicate through nature. Even the skies proclaim the works of His hands. The apostle Paul shared with us an episode when he was taken up into third heaven in 2 Corinthians 12:2–4:

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago — whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows- such a one was caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man-whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows- how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not unlawful for a man to utter.”

There is a lot to unpack with this scripture but even Paul did not know how to fully express what he experienced in a manner that others might perceive. We only know that God communicated with Paul because Paul had a specific mission to carry out for the Lord. Even though specific people were chosen because of their specific missions to carry out for the Lord, the bottom line is that God does communicate directly with mankind right here in the physical realm.

Your desire to communicate with God is partially what determines if or when He communicates with you personally. This is not a door that we open. Only God decides to open His doors according to His divine will and plan for us. The good news here is that God does communicate with mankind. He says, ask, seek, and knock should we desire to communicate with Him. The more you desire God from the heart the more channels are opened for you. However, it must come from the deepest depths of your heart. Then do nothing but allow God to be God.

What I write here and share with you is what I can express in words. But again, the way or manner in which God might communicate with you depends upon numerous factors between the Maker and the made. Should you desire an intimate relationship with God, you may start this by using the basics… by asking, seeking, and knocking and then wait on God to respond. To Almighty God be the glory… Selah!



Greg Middleton

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