Greg Middleton
5 min readMay 2, 2021

It is not my place to reiterate the position and policies of an opposing political party that is different from my own. But as a fellow American citizen, I just need to know where we all stand. From all indications the current Republican party supports Trumpism, which implies that they support the positions as stated by their endorsed leader Donald Trump. The majority of their caucus supports Donald Trump. Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to storm the capital and stop the process of counting the official electoral college votes. Donald Trump, along with his supporters refused to accept the outcome of a free and fair national election. He claims the election was stolen from him and thereby the current president is illegitimate. Please correct me if I am wrong. I wouldn’t want to miss state the facts.

Donald Trump promotes division among citizens of different cultural distinctions of our nation. Instead of pledging allegiance to one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, he opposes people of different races and cultures that are non-white. I draw this conclusion from his own words while speaking publicly about Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, women, or other people who came from countries that he considers to be “shithole countries.” Please correct me if I am wrong! I need to know if I, an African American, is on the list that he opposes. If so, I’d rather give his people as much space they need so as not to be harmed by them.

Donald Trump praised his followers immediately after they stormed the Capital building killing and injuring several police officers in the process. They attempted to capture and hang the vice president at that time along with several other legislative officials including Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Trump praised them and said, “We love you,” to the insurrectionist. They also caused damage to the sacred chambers of our Capital Building, stole important papers, a laptop, and committed vandalism of private government properties. Afterward, he praised his many followers and congratulated them for carrying out his marching orders, where all this damage had just happened.

Donald Trump demeans women, especially those of color. He has had several affairs with several ladies, while married, that we know about in the record. He has no high moral ground to speak about. He likes people who are proclaimed racist, calling some of them good people even though they are noticeably against people who are not white. If I miss-stated the facts, please let me know because I would not want to slander anyone. That would be very un-American, and ungodly.

From what he revealed through his own statements, he is not for the establishment, and against the current law when it does not suit his opinion or desires. He sides with our international adversaries and against our duly elected government agencies by taking the side of our adversaries over our national security agencies that report on such threats. If anyone gives him praise, he loves them, even if they are our adversaries. In fact, anyone that gives him praise or showers him with adoration gets his attention. Did I misstate the known facts here? I don’t want to paint a negative picture of a fellow American, especially one that has held the highest office of our nation.

This same man, our immediate past president, holds the loyal support of the majority of the Republican voters. He is the same man that the majority of the republican party leaders sides with. In fact, if any of the elected party leaders side against him, they fear his wrath. He has the ability to turn his millions of followers against anyone who opposes him. I can only assume that most of the current leaders of the Republican party are afraid of Mr. Trump. They dare not do or say anything that would attract his wrath upon them.

Immediately after the insurrection on 1/6 several of these current leaders came out and spoke the truth about the wickedness and selfish ambitions of Mr. Trump, who was still our president at that time. For some reason, they later took back their comments about his actions and instead pledge their full support to him as the leader of their party. I don’t wish to question their allegiance because perhaps they are red-blooded Republicans through and through. Perhaps their loyalty is to the party, even if it opposes the views of so many people who could use their help and support during this experience of a worldwide pandemic.

The entire caucus of the republican party voted against what the current president proposed to do by way of providing relief to suffering Americans. They voted unanimously against legislative bills that would curve violence against many of our native citizens. Republican officials vote against anything that is proposed by the Democratic party, which means that they are siding with the party over people and against the pledge of allegiance that most Americans freely recite. If I have wrongly portrayed the majority of our Republican leaders, please let me know because I dare not cast a dark shadow over my fellow citizens of this nation, especially those who were duly elected to serve my fellow Americans.

So just to be clear, have I mischaracterized Donald Trump, his supporters, his party leaders, or anyone that pledges their support of him? This is a free country and people have the right to support what they believe to be in their best interest, even if it goes against what I personally believe. If that is the direction this nation is headed by way of political affiliations and power, it would appear that we are no longer, or perhaps never have been, one nation under God. If I am not mistaken, this was the party that claims to stand for God, for the police, for a strong military, and for the constitution… right? If I got any of this wrong, please educate me so I can adjust my opinions, my family, and people like me regarding the truth. I thought truth mattered! I actually thought all lives matter but that does not appear to be the case in the minds of the majority who agree with the policies and beliefs of Donald Trump. If I am speaking in error, please school me. I certainly hope I got this all wrong because if true, our nation is in a world of trouble.

As I draw this topic to a conclusion, it appears to be factions among us that do not want to see equality. Certain people want to keep the upper hand at the expense of those who suffer on the lower end. The rich want to remain rich even at the expense of the poor suffering mightily. What does this tell us about us, the nation? Perhaps we are not one nation under God’s umbrella. Perhaps we do not worship the same God? Maybe they still think that Black people are not fully human beings created by God so we would be of lesser status to Almighty God?

We know that there are certain things that God hates. Anyone who participates in such things opposes the One true God. Those who promote hate and evil are against God and He will deal with them accordingly. It is time for us to speak truth to power. Let any man, woman, or child clearly state where they stand before God and God will be the judge of us all. Say it boldly so the world can hear you because God already read it in your hearts and minds. If you stand boldly for the things that Donald J. Trump stands for just let us know and we will leave the rest in the most capable hands of Almighty God… Selah!



Greg Middleton

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