Racial Relationships In America

Greg Middleton
8 min readJun 16, 2020


The Rapidly Shrinking White Male Stranglehold

Without a doubt, racial relationships in America are atrocious. History has and will continue to reveal the facts of the matter. Since the inception of America as a nation the White Male Authority set the tone as the ones with absolute authority to make the laws of the land; to do whatever that pleased his selfish desires, and he used whatever means necessary to take what he wanted while maintaining his dominance. It is because of the desires of this white male authority that race relationships were set on a downward negative slide from the very beginning of the forming of America. To this day in America, we are living the legacy of what was set over 401 years ago.

What are the undisputed facts? Under the authority of the white male authority, the land itself was taken from the Native American Indians. People who had inhabited this land for perhaps thousands of years were displaced, slaughtered, killed, or otherwise eradicated so white people could take possession of this land. The same white male authorities decided they needed worker mules to do the hard labor of building the infrastructure of this country so he purchased slaves from the continent of Africa to use as bondslaves to do whatever work the white man required. He kept his slaves in chains and he treated them as his personal property to do anything he desired with because to him, they were his personal possessions. NO! They were human beings created by God.

When people of godly conscious decided that owning human beings was a bad practice this caused a civil war in America, splitting the nation in two. Those who opposed slavery, the North won the war over the Confederated who wanted to retain slavery. Once slavery was abolished the same white male authority did not just give up and give in, he decided to do everything within his power to continue to suppress and hold down the people who he had previously owned as personal property. He created unequal laws that separated the races and gave the white authorities the right to use any means necessary to hold down the black race and make life as difficult as possible for them so the white race could remain on top and continue to stand on the backs of black people.

Even though slavery was abolished as a practice in America many white owners did not free their slaves immediately. When they eventually realized that they lost the war they treated Black People as undesirables. If they could not be used as property then to them they were not fit to live among or enjoy human privileges as the white people. Black people were isolated into substandard communities away from whites for hundreds of years. This was the genesis of race relationships in America.

After slavery was abolished in this nation the white male authority was still in control of the status quo using segregation and discrimination as their main tools to create unequal, unfair, and immoral laws that were enforced by the government-appointed law keepers of the land. Even though the constitution of the USA said all men were created equal with the rights of freedom, liberty, and justice for all, these words were never practiced for black people who were the sons and daughters of previous slaves. Up to this day, this hatred of Black People has been perpetuated by the white males who reluctantly relinquished their power in public but silently did all they could to keep their foot on the necks of black people maintaining white privileges and gaining an upper hand over wealth and opportunities offered to fellow Americans. For years Black people were considered less than a full human being and unwanted inhabitants of White America. When Trump says, Make America Great Again, he wants to return to the days that I just described. There are thousands of loyal followers that cherish Trump’s every word.

In the year 2020, it has been 401 years since this play has been unfolding in America and the conversation has never been fully discussed among white people acknowledging what their race did in the establishment of this nation as a racially divided nation. To this day Whites retain unearned privileges not calling themselves racist but fully taking advantage of the upper hand established by institutional racism, which deprives blacks of equal rights and equal opportunities. Institutional racism is still accomplishing what overt racism did without verbally saying they are holding blacks down. Racism was practiced over hundreds of years and became a silent habit among the majority of white people. They did not have to call themselves racist as long as they retained the upper hand over black people and things remained status quo as it always had been previously.

Throughout the history of this nation, there have been constant uprisings over the issue of freedom, liberty, and equal justice for Black People. This resistance by white people has been consistent and steady over all these years but with each generation there appear to be cracks in the great white wall. You might wonder why is this such a difficult conversation for white people to have. Blacks have the conversation all the time because they (we) suffer the venom of its bite. Alternatively, you can rarely even get white people to admit that they are reaping an unfair advantage at the expense of Black people. It appears that only with time and the wholesale death of deep-seated bigots do we realize small cracks in that once solid white wall of segregation.

Even from the days of White Abolitionists, there have been fissures in the solid white wall but only in the last three-quarters of a century have these fissures began to deepen leaving the appearance that there is hope that blacks will one day stand toe-to-toe with their white counterparts as indicated in Martin Luther Kings famous speech referencing, “I Have a Dream.” However the persistence of the white male “right” has maintained their stronghold over power using backrooms to secretly manage the laws and wealth that they illegally accumulated at the expense of black people. With the law controlled primarily by white people, it was easier for them to succeed and harder for blacks to do the same. In fact, blacks have to work twice as hard and be twice as smart just to remain in close enough distance in order to compete against his white counterparts.

What I have stated above is the absolute truth that can be easily verified by history. It is time that white people come to terms with this knowledge that many of them do not want to admit. Blacks want only to be left alone without a foot on their necks so they can accomplish all that is possible in achieving the American Dream allotted to all its citizens. Blacks have never been on equal footings with white people. After 401 years of unequal footings, balancing the scales is an almost impossible task. Whites took full advantage of their forward footing while blacks were coming from the rear without access to the same resources. They were forced to compete in a race running on one leg. Still, remarkably so, many blacks competed and succeeded in spite of the odds against them because of their ingenuity, creativity, and tenacity. I might also add blacks developed a strong faith in God that lead the way through all this turmoil.

So where do all this lead us to today in America? Donald Trump is leading the call to Make America White Dominant Again. He makes no apologies about his racist attitude and remarks. He says Blacks are from shithole countries. He calls Mexicans rapists and thieves. He wants to ban all Muslims from coming to our country. He demeans females, handicap citizens, families of war veterans, and call people who do not agree with him by derogatory names. Though he claims to be a Christian there is zero fruit or evidence that he even know what that means. And one other main point… he is the president of the United States. With him at the helm race relationships have been taken back at least a half-century but there is a new fever in the air.

Technology has been a game-changer. Thanks to the use of cameras and now smartphones the actions of the white male authorities have been caught on camera and made public. The things that black people have always been complaining about in reference to the brutal and heinous acts of white law-keepers have been caught on tape so it can no longer be disputed. Where whites used to call it, “cry wolf,” it cannot be written off that way any longer. Whites have always abused their authorities over black people and now it is being brought into the light of truth where it cannot be disputed or swept under the rug. Even white young progressive-minded peoples are learning for the first time the truth about how their ancestors abused black people for hundreds of years. This history was intentionally kept away from them by the omission of their parents. They refused to have this conversation with their children. The younger generation sees how wrong these practices are and have always been so this movement for equality is no longer just a cry in the dark from black people. Like the white abolishment partakers, these young whites are marching side-by-side with blacks. You would think that this is all good news so what is holding back the movement from completion today? Old white males!

Donald Trump who with the help of unscrupulous powers became the 45th president of the USA. This man was the perfect candidate to promote white causes and keep the foot on the necks of people of color, mainly black people. This man is a racist of the highest order. He will say anything or do anything to further the cause of keeping whites on top and people of color down. He uses racism as a tool and a divisive weapon. Although he is more of a “useful idiot” that the people in real power can use as a front while in the back boardrooms they strategize their real authority. They are still in control of the political arena, where they control voting rights and appoint judges with lifetime appointments assuring they maintain control for a few more years until they are further exposed as bigots, which will no longer be tolerated even by their liberal white children.

You might wonder why intelligent white and powerful people would still want to perpetuate such division and hatred? Money and power are the two main legs of their control. They are driven by selfish desires that want to keep it all for them and only give occasional sprinkles of goodies for the rest. They didn’t achieve power by their ingenuity and wits but by using the power of evil from the dark side of the spiritual realm. They used this power against people that did not look like them or act like them. They used this power to acquire massive wealth and control. Nothing gained by evil measures will sustain because evil did not create the world. Yes, the devil is real and he has a date with his destiny. Those who use his powers will be entrapped with him for all eternity. So if you lie with dogs you will get fleas. If you follow the power of evil you will earn the wrath of God and acquire what evil earns.

Racism is an offense against God Almighty. Either you are for or against God… your choice! If you do not fear God then eat, drink, and be merry for a time is at hand that you would want to pay back everything you immorally gained just to be in the presence of your Maker. What you did to the least of God’s people you did to Him and He shall reward you in kind… God doesn’t like ugly and racism is about as ugly as it gets because God created diversity as an expression of his goodness and diversity. Racism goes completely against God’s design for mankind. He created all the differences to express all His many qualities. To hate just one of them is to hate the fullness of the Creator. Pity! God shall repay each in kind for all their mortal acts and deeds … Selah!



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