The Draw from God

“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by God.’” John 6: 44–45

For several years now I have been getting this sense of God drawing me nearer to Him. It compels me to learn more about my Creator. Along with my reading appetite, I have been expressing my thoughts in writing about the things that I’ve learned over time. There appears to be a Spirit that guides and teaches me in ways that are not by traditional means. I can sense Its counsel or even discipline at times. This sense is not something that is easily explainable to people who have no interest in godliness. As the Spirit becomes more active and involved in our lives we are constantly in a learning mode. But, before you can learn God’s truth you must first unlearn the fallacies that you may have been previously taught. We are indoctrinated by the world we live in, which is different from that of the Spirit. The two are not even compatible.

Traditionally we learn about life from our environments, our parents and guardians, as well as from our teachers and preachers. Even our friends and neighbors have a hand in shaping us into what we become. There were many factors that shaped you into who you are. Essentially we are what the world made us. It was your Creator that placed you uniquely on the path where you were originated. Unbeknownst to us, the path was laid out for us prior to our birth. Not all paths are the same.

Each of us was intended to serve a particular purpose and fit uniquely into God’s divine plan (jigsaw puzzle) of life. For the most part, we do not realize how we fit into the grand scheme of things as we enter unique our stations of life. We simply follow our individual pathways with little resistance because we have no knowledge of a grander sense of being. God knows this and patiently waits until we are ready to receive Him and then we are taught by the Spirit, as indicated in the scripture from John 6:44–45.

As we mature in life we began to develop our sense of self with our unique abilities and characteristics. Even then there is no reason to suspect God’s intervention in our lives unless you were raised in a dedicated spiritual or religious environment. We may not realize it but God is constantly watching over us. He allows our lives to unfold as determined. Our Creator is omnipotent so even before we were born He knew of our births and the specifics of our deaths that have yet to happen in our realm. With this foreknowledge, God guides us along our chosen pathways. He is constantly fitting us into our unique positions that He designed for us.

Although I can only speak of my experiences, in sharing them perhaps others might relate to what they experience as well. Each of us has a unique calling from God. How He calls us fits with our personal relationships with Him. Even before we knew God He knew us. It is from His superior knowledge of what He placed in us that He purposes our missions in life. Some respond immediately and submit to God’s draw while others tend to resist Him because of their nature. A spirit of defiance seems to go along with certain gifts of the Spirit. Once you realize what the draw is and where it comes from the resistance usually subsides coinciding with knowledge and wisdom. For some, this process could take years but God is patient because He has already seen the outcome. To Him, it is worth the wait, knowing the purpose that is served. Personally I just happen to be the stubborn and defiant type, which is nothing to brag about.

One can only imagine how God selects those of whom are called to serve in a particular manner because it is not based upon human rationale. It is instead based upon a plan originated in another realm, the abode of God, long before time even started down below. No one can fully grasp the abode of God because it is truly out of this world, but God does reveal certain things to those that He calls upon to achieve a particular mission. Those who are called as such do not think or rationalize how or why because that is merely what they were born to do. For the select few who come into the knowledge of where the mission comes from, there is an even greater threshold of humility necessary in order to remain grounded and focused upon the call of service. A stumbling block may be placed before them in some form as the apostle Paul described.

A Word came to me this early morning about the upper room. It is a place reserved by God for specific purposes. As scripture explains, a Master Potter makes all sorts of pots for specific reasons and purposes. All pots are not intended to serve in the same manner. However, they are all intended to serve the same Potter through the multitudes of services required. Yes, some are unique and exclusive, intended to serve at the highest of positions. Some people are born into royalty serving as kings and queens or destined to become national leaders of countries housing God’s people.

The Potter has a right to make and use His specific pots in a manner that serves His greater needs. Not all people are born to serve in the upper rooms. But to those who are given much, much is expected in return. This does not always translate into what we would consider success or failure. Use the example of Moses and the Pharaoh. Both were leaders of the people but God used one to free His chosen people and the other was used to cause the havoc necessary to force the people to flee. Both served God in the same mission but used in an almost opposite perspective: Two sides of the same coin. Just as we might use our expensive dinnerware only for special occasions, God uses His creations in ways that serve special purposes designed to lead mankind back into His kingdom.

We realize that God’s reasons, purposes, and missions are as numerous as the grains of sand. Literally every grain of sand has a reason. What we might find difficult to understand is how a single God could be sovereign over all things in heaven and upon the earth at all times and in all spaces. That is the power of Almighty God… the very same One that draws us near when we are ready to serve. It is not our place to know the mind of God or the reasons He allows certain things to happen. Such reasoning is beyond our understanding. True believers trust in God no matter what? We do not have to like it or understand it, but we know that God does all things for the good of those who love Him and accept Him as Lord and Father.

His faithful servants understand that it is the will of God that rules and not the desires of one’s heart and mind. Though it would be God’s desire that all would love and receive Him… that is not the case. So yes, there is an upper room that is reserved for those who serve without question. There are also angels and demons that serve in the abode of God. There area plethora of things in the abode of God that are unimaginable to the human mind, but such things are not on our selected menu to solve. God’s calls to His people are specific in purpose and designed around what He created in them. Once you sense where the mission originates it becomes less about needing to know the particulars rather than merely allowing the plan to manifest through you as a member of a much larger unfolding, which is God’s divine will. If you sense the draw of God in your life that is an invitation you do not want to ignore.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with Me.” — Revelations 3:21


Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.

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Greg Middleton

Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.