This Day Has Finally Arrived

Greg Middleton
6 min readNov 8, 2020

It is so nice to see the nation coming out to celebrate the return of normality and decency at the head of our government. It dazzles the mind to figure out what good came out of the last administration seeking purely to divide the nation into factions. How could that possibly have been a winning plan? We are the United States of America! Though we hoped to be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, that hope was as far removed as the east is from the west for this current administration. One can only wonder why or how could that have been a popular stance to take for anyone, least not the president of a country called the United States.

Now that this day has arrived, we must use restraint in our jubilation as not to wag our thumbs in the faces of those who voted to keep the current president in office. We must be mindful that nearly half of our citizens voted for the incumbent, these were the ones who voted, we don’t know about the ones who were ashamed to vote. So just as excited and proud of the fact that we the people won, we need to find a way to understand the mindset of the other side, unless it was purely hatred and division that they were seeking. If that was the case, as was true for the president, then we really have our work cut out for us to bring this nation back under one tent.

As a man of faith and belief in Almighty God, it was hard to stomach some of the harsh rhetoric coming out of the mouth of our now-to-be, “ex-president.” It was even harder to believe that there were millions and millions of people that supported character that is so far removed from any and everything we know to be the character of God. And yes, character matters to God as it should to every red-blooded American whether natural-born or naturalized. The lure of this country has always been a place where everyone can come in and set up a life for themselves and their families. This shining city of a hill attracted immigrants from the four corners of the globe all seeking the American dream. So why would any president or anybody seek to enforce policies that are so anti-American?

It was for the glory of God that we have been taken through this long-darkened ordeal. As mentioned, God wants us to see ourselves and examine our souls. Are we who we think we are? Can we become who we say we are? God still believes in America in spite of America not truly believing in God. As I have sat here and watched in amazement how one person seems to be pulling down the entire world in his narcissistic temper tandems, just for the benefit of one person, himself, I was not as worried about the one person as much as I was about the millions and millions of his followers who still do not seem to recognize just how devious and harmful this person was and is. It is like a bitter poison that people refuse to admit how distasteful this pill is to swallow.

The only explanation that comes to mind is also an example in the bible when the pharaoh of Egypt refused to let God’s children escape the bondage of slavery. Pharaoh had many minions that followed him and enjoyed the lush life they enjoyed at the expense of God’s people. After direct intervention by God, the Pharaoh refused to release the Hebrew slaves. Even though on numerous occasions the Pharaoh appeared to come to his senses… he went right back to his worldly stance and continued to defy Almighty God. Perhaps some of the Pharaoh’s advisors encouraged him to keep things the same so they could continue to enjoy their lush lives and worldly pleasures at the expense of the Hebrew slaves.

The Bible covers this story quite well but obviously, there are parts of the back story that we will never know. The bottom line is that God will not be mocked by a mortal man, no matter how bold and powerful that man thinks he is. God allowed a useful idiot to play this role once again in the history of the world in order to clearly let His people know who is in control. Once again, God will not be mocked, and He most definitely WILL receive the glory.

Yes, this day is finally here when we can breathe a sigh of relief, but our problems are not fixed. We are only made more aware of just how deep the problems are. There were over 70+ million people that voted to keep this man in office and over 73+ million that voted him out. That means that nearly half of the people in this country agreed with this president. For what reason, we don’t know. Perhaps they don’t see what we see. This man lies all the time and does really horrific things to good people. Even members of our religious community who call themselves the Evangelicals continued to give this man a pass on his blatant disrespect for God’s laws. Perhaps they have their reasons, but it goes beyond what most decent and caring people can accept. Taking children from their mothers and given him a pass? Really!

Right now emotions are running high on both sides so rather than making our fellow citizens feel bad we should embrace them and let them know that eventually, we would like to come together and learn how to understand one another. 45 divided even family members and made them question each other’s judgments. We need to learn how to gather around a common bond if it is truly God we serve. If we are to be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all we need to start by mirroring the very character of God. If anything causes your brother and sister to stumble, do not do it.

Scripture says: “Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or cause to fall in our brother’s way.” Romans 14:13 NKJV

Even my use of scripture here might offend some of you so that would not be my wish. I wish to love everyone that God loves. Since God made us all it would be my wish that I learn to love even those that differ from me, and those that believe in ways that I do not. We can disagree with one another yet still love the One that created us all. This would be my wish, but we have a way to go before God can move upon the hearts and minds of the people.

So here is the final verdict; during these last few years, we have been placed under scrutiny. We have been given an opportunity to see who are, and what we really are. This was the image that God saw all the while. We have two options: 1. “Do we want to go back to what we said we were, which never was true,” or 2. “Do we wish to become what we faked to be true, and make true on what we faked.”

America can become that shining city on a hill with liberty and justice for all, but it will take all the people, of all races, cultures, genders, ages, whether Jews or gentiles, native or immigrant and any such divides… it will take us all to come together and work really, really hard to make this experiment a reality. For the second option, I am most hopeful… To Almighty God be the glory. Selah!




Greg Middleton

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