LADY TIME — The Beginning and the End

Because of the nature of time itself, most of us have a hard time seeing it’s affects. It continually moves forward gradually, and yet passively aggressive. It waits on no one! It will move you while standing in your tracks like hot molting lava even if you are not ready to move. Change rides on the waves of time. It causes the seasons to unfold one after the other. Our eyes witness the drastic change from winter to spring to summer to fall and start all over again, but our minds can barely conceive of just how spectacular and gracefully time moves. Seconds lead to minutes, to hours, days, weeks, months, and years too numerous to count. You were a newborn, then an infant child, to an adolescent; young adult, to have children of your own. All riding on the hands of time yet you barely knew she was there.

When something has become familiar to us it is a slow arduous process of watching it fade into the abyss of time. We actually have to give up things that were once precious to us in order to accept the new. This is because of time! Unfortunately, we cannot hold on to both, the old and the new. You have to give up your childhood in order to become an adult. Do you remember when your grandparents were the older generation? That is a seat that you will one day fill if you live long enough.

Tick tock, tick-tock… we know you are there Lady time but our minds cannot grasp you until you have passed us by. You turn our precious memories into misty clouds that we can barely hold on to. The end of a phase is like watching the last ember of a burning fire log. It was there… then it was gone… never to return.

To think of time you have to realize where she came from. In the beginning, it was God that set time in motion and commanded it to unfold. Life, similar to change, rides on the waves of time. One day you are here and another you are gone, never to return to this place called the earth. What did you do with the time God gives you? Being here do you see purpose and meaning? God does! He wants you to wake up and witness what He placed before you.

To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time for love, and a time for hate; a time of war and a time of peace; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance.

Time even mystified the wisest man that ever lived on the earth, the great King Solomon. He noticed this when he penned the book of Ecclesiastes. Ultimately he concluded that it was God that gives us life and He made everything beautiful in His time: also He hath set the world in their heart so that no man can find out the work that God has made from the beginning to the end.

There is no end to all that God has already done long before we were born so rejoice, and do good in the life that God placed before you. Once we awaken and see the Source behind all that is before us… then, and only then will any of this make sense to you? Perhaps then you will start fulfilling your divine purpose… living it, breathing it, and relishing in each of its precious moments. In essence, you are not your own but instead created by God for purposes of God. In time you will know this to be true but for now, you are riding on the hands of time that is leading you to where God knows you shall be in His Omega.

As we bare witness to so many convergences of time that made it possible for us to be here, one should question what does it all means. From the beginning to this very moment in time God has already drawn your picture and He knows every stitch of time that will unfold in the life you are currently living. In His omnipotence it has already happened so wouldn’t you like to know what is coming down the pipeline of time? Wouldn’t you seek to work with God as apposed to against the hands of time that He has set? Perhaps you feel that you can stop time and discuss with God how you wish things to end? You do have a choice with your free will but God just happens to know what that choice was before you made it. He only needed to look back in time, an ability that we do not have.

The power of God is almighty, never-ending, and never ceases to amaze the brightest and smartest of them all. From everlasting to everlasting He has been in them all and yet He waits on us to choose, for or against Him. We are barely a spec of the dust of the mighty Sahara Desert and yet to God we are that significant and that special because He made us to be like Him. Knowing what we are capable of achieving He awaits our unfolding, some for naught and some in great anticipation. He knows He will be proud of merely our desire to please Him… even if we fail miserably! A loving Father will be there to cheer on His child no matter what!

Tick tock… tick tock! I hear you Lady Time. So soft… so feminine… so gentle, and yet so kind to those of whom God loves. Why wouldn’t she be because God made her that way when He turned her on in the beginning in order that she would bring forth all that He set into motion?

If you are reading this that means that you are still here and “it ain’t over,” not until God says it is over. Lady Time is holding open Her gates that you may join Her Master in His Omega. There’s so much at stake; so much to gain, yet so little to do in order to win the grand prize. Use your free will choice to decide “for” God and He will open up the floodgates to make you win, even against all odds. Didn’t you know that you were made just for this very purpose, as an object to absorb all of God's everlasting affections? There is so little to do and so, so much to gain. Tick tock, tick-tock… I hear you Lady time. You were in the beginning and you will be there in the end just as God is the Alpha and the Omega. He made you to run His great show that you are unfolding… Now I can see you and every stitch of your presence is so precious and breathtakingly magnificent. I C U Lady TIME… Selah!


Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.

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Greg Middleton

Greg is a prolific writer of books, essays, blogs, and videos where he shares his opinions on life. Visit Straight Talk with Greg on YouTube.