When God allows you to go through things… He has His reasons.

Greg Middleton
9 min readFeb 25, 2020


Firstly we need to understand the relationship God has with people. Even though He is The Creator of all things that do not mean all things function to the degree of which they were intended to serve. This is perhaps more indicative of human beings because of the privilege of free will. Man was created in the image and likeness of God to be like Him in many ways. With free will, man can choose to be the opposite of God if that is his choice. Such a choice would cause separation from God. If a person does not want to be under God’s guidance they are free to do so.

The relationship between God and the people is similar to that of parent and child. If God accepts you as His child there is nothing that can separate you from His love. True love is very distinctive in that it always protects, it never gives up, and its faith, hope, and patience never fails. If you are a child of God by choice there are certain expectations that apply to you that are not the same as for those who choose against God. They are not His children by choice so they are left to their own devices. This does not mean that God does not love them but that they do not wish to receive God’s love. God merely respects their free-will choice. It is important to understand this relationship first because what God allows to happen to His children falls under a different umbrella of protection for those who love him as opposed to those who don’t.

I speak from my personal experiences regarding this matter, which may be different from others. God deals with His individual children, differently. Again it is similar to how a parent deals with their children specifically as they are. One child could be quite different from another. The parent deals with them according to what they know about each child intimately. Even though children may share the same bloodline their character, soul, and inner spirit could be drastically different. Some may be strong and others weak. Some may be self-sufficient and others may need more attention. Some want to run wild and free while others want to cling on as tight as they can. Some are naughty and some are nice. Parents intuitively know this and treat their children according to the needs they recognize. However, God does not rely upon intuition to know the child because He is the Creator that gave the child all their inner makings. He knows the child better than the child or human parents know them. All people have their beings through God.

As a personal testimony, I know God allows me to go through specific things because He is constantly working on my character along with the refinement of my immortal soul. There are things about me that are not as good as it should be as well as a few things that are just plain bad. I have certain faults that I am aware of at this stage of life so I willingly accept God’s chastisement, corrections, guidance or even rebuke as warranted. This usually comes from inside through the Holy Spirit. Even I hate certain things or choices that I make. Apostle Paul wrote about this very plainly in his letter to the Romans chapter 7, verse 14. “I do not understand what I do; for I don’t do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate.” Ultimately Paul determined that there was another law in effect that compels him to do things contrary to his own wishes and those of God. It was the power of evil that entices sin that exists in our own mortal bodies.

I realize that there is a power of darkness emanating from the spiritual realm that causes me to sin even if I do not wish to do so. I also know that I cannot defeat such spiritual powers alone. Therefore I know to turn to my Divine Parent for protection and seek forgiveness for my infractions committed either willingly or unwillingly. The grasp of sin may imprison this mortal body, but God has an even firmer grasp upon my immortal soul. This internal battle probably goes on in most of us. It is important for the children of God to realize where it comes from and how to deal with it.

There are flaws in us that need ironing out. We are not perfect but God is constantly perfecting us towards His likeness. We might be susceptible to certain temptations or have weaknesses that God wants to work out of us. This is why God allows certain situations or circumstances to unfold in our lives in order to bring forth that character flaw so we can see it as God sees it: Once exposed we should desire to change it according to what God requires. If God has accepted you as His child that means that you accept Him as Father. Rarely does the child look forward to being chastised or rebuked? Even though you might not like what you must go through, you love the fact that God is working on you and preparing you for His kingdom. Christ said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

This has been my personal experience as of late. I don’t usually like how some of this makes me feel because at times it might be painful to my mind because of actual pain and suffering or it could be the denial of things I desire. Even though I might not be able to see the reason behind God’s choices, I know that He has His reasons and they are for the perfection of my immortal soul.

I also realize that there are those amongst us that disagree with my premise here but I am not making an argument with anyone. What I am doing is sharing a testimony that God uses to reach someone that needs to hear this message directly from Him. Yes God uses ordinary people that He calls His children to reach others that are on the fence. Fortunately, He has already seen their final decision so He reaches out through a number of measures, one being through written messages such as this. I personally received most of my messages through reading and studying His inspired Word in the scriptures of which I absolutely delight these days. Through the years there have been many wise servants that God used to bring me back into His fold as well.

Not everyone has or makes the time to study about God. Therefore He might send others to draw them into places or things where there is a lesson prepared specifically for the ones He already knows their future. Many times such lessons go unlearned because the subject is not ready to receive what is offered. “The teacher appears when the pupil is ready to learn.” Unfortunately, some lessons have to be repeated many times until the pupil is ready to receive. When the lesson causes pain or suffering the first time the subject is more receptive the second time around because they want to avoid the pain. That has been my experience. Again, not all of us are the same. Some are more stubborn than others. Thankfully God loves us in spite of our stubbornness. If not some of us would be so worn out by the time we learn the lesson were it not for His grace and mercy.

The Infinite Mind of God

Inquiring minds would like to understand the mind of God as if God actually had a mind. God is pure consciousness, which is the genesis behind our minds and the source of all thoughts that our minds receive. Our minds simply receive what is generated through God’s streams of consciousness. It is somewhat like our gadgets can pick up the streams of media transmissions. Information is sent out over the airwaves and received by our gadgets. Pure consciousness evades the entire universe through flowing streams. There are many objects that receive streams including planets, galaxies, and milky ways. Animals, plants, and even human beings all receive signals from this infinite stream of pure consciousness, which is the essence of God controlling the world He created.

Therefore God is not a mind but the stuff that the mind receives along with the rest of His creation. One of the many reasons why our minds cannot totally conceive the “mind” of God is because it is too vast and overwhelming to fit into our minds no matter how brilliant one might be. The human mind has a limited capacity to receive and process information. God is the ALL, so it would be impossible to fit the “ALL” into a single mind, which is what we have. That would be like trying to pour one hundred gallons into a one-gallon container. The ratio between the All-Knowing God and a single mind would not even be measurable. God is infinite and man is extremely finite.

Some would like to think that God operates in ways that are similar to how human beings operate… that is not true. Even though we were created in the image and likeness of God, our Creator… that is not referring to the physical sense. Though in many ways we are like our Creator… it is not the physical essence of our beings where we share a likeness. God is Spirit. We have a spirit that lives in our mortal body. When the body dies the spirit that belongs to God is released back into the abode of God located in the spiritual realm. The body turns back to dust while the spirit continues its eternal journey.

Our likeness with God is more associated with our character rather than our physical similarity. One’s character is not necessarily a physical commodity but more of a spiritual mannerism. For example, God is love… we were created in the image or likeness of love to be like or to love like God. God is joy, peace, patience, kind, consideration, compassion, and many other traits that would be considered righteous or otherwise good. God does all things for the good of those who love Him. But God does not have a body that would die like physical being made of substance. Spirit is eternal.

If you wish to project an image of God that would assist you in relating or forming a more intimate relationship with Him, there would be no harm unless the image you imagine distracts from the pure essence and holiness of God, as He exists. God says, “I AM THAT I AM.” You can only know God in Spirit and in Truth. Spirit has no bounds nor does truth. True love has no bounds as a spiritual commodity. Mankind tries to use love in a way that is contrary to its true nature. Love is not self-seeking and it always honors others. It seeks no personal glory and is given freely without any desire to have something returned. It wants more for others than it does for itself because it is God in action. It floats through streams of consciousness but not all receivers are tuned to its frequency. God is superior to love but not all people are tuned to His frequencies other than through His life-sustaining provisions. When God draws back the breath of life from our mortal bodies they die. That is not something that mortal beings control… God does!

God always has His reasons

If I might go back to the original subject now with a deeper understanding of “Who” or “What” God IS, it should tie the message together. Understanding that everything emanates from divine consciousness, which is what we refer to as the Living God, you can imagine that God is all-knowing and all-seeing. There I nothing in existence that is beyond the reach of God. God is also omnipotent, eternal, omnipresent, and unrestricted by the things He created. There is nothing that is impossible for God. God does not desire anything He commands and it becomes manifest. God is not waiting for something to happen because in the physical realm, what has yet to happen has already happened in God’s omnipresence. He is the Alpha and the Omega simultaneously, which is beyond comprehension to our tiny minds.

We can’t see God with our natural eyes because they cannot fix upon everywhere at all times in a single glance. Sufficient to say God is all of that. To say that God has His reasons is not an over or understatement. God has already seen the end of our journeys and can be quite helpful to us as Lord and Father watching over His eternal souls. The best way to think of God is as your Heavenly Father. He watches over the ones He accepts as His children from their beginning through eternity. The things He works on in us as mere mortals have major consequences towards our immortal souls. Though we may not see the final results here… God already knows them. When God allows things to happen to us in this phase of our existence you can believe that He has His reasons. There is a part of your being that has to accept this as fact, even though we can’t know it by physical evidence. This is called faith, “the confidence of what we hoped for, and assurance of what we do not see.” When God allows things to happen to His children you can believe that He most certainly has His reasons and they are for the good of those of whom He accepts as His children. Selah!



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